10 perfect color combinations for a great look in 2022

The combination of colors can change or destroy your outfit. So it’s only natural to feel a little insecure when experimenting with new tones and combinations. But that doesn’t mean you should only stick to conservative colors. In the field of fashion 2022 offers a variety of color-coordinated visions that will enrich and improve your style. From bold green and yellow outfits to chic pink and gray ensembles – these stylish ideas will teach you how to wear bold colors without fear.

Are you ready to embrace the rainbow? Here are the color combinations of clothes you should try this year.

  1. Green and yellow

There is nothing fresher than the smell of freshly cut grass on a warm summer day, and this color combination is just that. Fresh and clean, green and yellow look great on almost all skin types. If you have a warm complexion, emphasize mustard, khaki and dark green. If you have a cool color, enhance your clothing by adding bright yellow and iridescent green.

To enjoy this color combination, try pairing an elegant yellow blazer with a plain gray skirt or pair of jeans. Then add a fresh white shirt and green accessories for a new bright everyday look. The color combination is an easy way to add vitality to your winter wardrobe during the warmer months. Just choose a few solid colors for your clothes and watch the transformation. But remember that you need to be simple and not be afraid to mix them.

Green and yellow

  1. Pale blue and pink

Nothing speaks of spring more than pastel colors. Soft pink and blue may sound romantic, but when chosen correctly, they can be just as attractive as bright colors. This color combination will remind you of the delicate scent of jasmine and the warm spring breeze.

Try a soft blue cashmere sweater with a pink jacket for a daytime look that will remind you of summer. Soften the classic all-black ensemble with a few pastel accessories. Diversify the items and do not hesitate to add a combination of pastel colors. This color combination goes well with remarkable shoes, such as a white spitz, to even out the color palette.

Pale blue and pink

  1. Red and blue

The combination of red and blue is one of the most beloved visions of all time. With this combination, you can completely transform a pair of jeans with a tight red jacket and killer heels. In the upper part it is business, and in the lower part it is partying. It’s sexy without being too vulgar, and adds elegance to your everyday look.

Who can miss the classic Breton striped shirt? Combined with a pair of jeans and a red blazer, she is the quintessence of the Chanel-inspired French look. Alternatively, you can wear a fresh white shirt under the jacket to emphasize the brightness of red and the contrast of blue jeans.

Red and blue

  1. Cobalt blue and turquoise

Combine cobalt blue with turquoise and you will get a strong and bright color combination. Think “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and wear this color combination with elegance and class. You don’t have to break it with a neutral color like white or cream, this is one of those combinations that can look great with both silver and gold accessories, which makes the style universal. Your imagination can bet on a pleasant and elegant look.

A royal blue dress combined with casual flat shoes in turquoise color will make you look perfect no matter the occasion. Combine it with a spectacular necklace and you will dream of the nights spent dancing by the sea.

Cobalt blue and turquoise

  1. Orange and blue

Orange and blue are the ideal color scheme for the color blocking technique. Bet on blue pants and add an orange top or choose an element that combines the perfect combination of the two colors. For something a little different, try a combination of burnt orange with darker navy blue. Whatever way you choose to wear these shades, be sure to add the perfect shoes that will give the right accent to your outfit.

Orange and blue

  1. Body and chestnut

Tan and light neutral colors are difficult to style and look boring, but if you combine them with a rich color like maroon, you will get a combination created with taste. The key to an exciting style suitable for all skin tones is to combine texture and shade, so try a suede skirt with a satin camisole. And although fashion experts usually advise you to avoid the same color range from head to toe, this is one of the visions where you do not need to play by the rules.

Body and chestnut

  1. Orange and black

Whether it is a dress that perfectly combines this brilliant color combination, or individual elements, orange and black are the new hit. Nothing elevates a black outfit more than a bright, bold color, and orange certainly does.

Don’t be afraid to wear brightly colored pants. Try high-waisted pants and show off your killer abdominal muscles with the obligatory element of this season – a black top. For those of you who prefer to hide this part of your body, try a loose-fitting oversized sweater. Whatever you combine it with, don’t forget to add a little luxury with a superb bag.

Orange and black

  1. Pink and gray

Pink and gray are a great look that you can use all year round with some universal elements. There are no restrictions on how you can use this color combination. Dark gray pants with a soft pink top can look equally complicated. Extend the color theme on your accessories and don’t forget to include the obligatory element of this season – the hat with a wide brim.

Pink and gray

  1. Purple and coral

Coral color was once reserved only for lipstick, now it takes the place of one of the most universal shades. Confident wearing of purple and coral will make the perfect summer outfit.

The coral color is flattering for all skin tones, and the deep saturated tones of purple give it the necessary contrast so that it is not too noticeable. Try a coral top combined with a bright purple bag or shoes, and break it up a bit with gold accessories.

Purple and coral

  1. Purple and white

While white goes with everything, nothing looks more fantastic when combined with purple. It makes your skin look soft, and it just exudes femininity and sensuality. This combination is so versatile that you can add some gold and silver accessories and turn the day look into a suitable outfit for a night out with friends.

Purple and white


Properly selected shades, combined with the trends for the spring of 2022, will allow you to walk the streets of the city as on the catwalk.

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