5 fashion tricks borrowed from Italian women!

In our golden fashion blog we will reveal 5 fashion tricks of the residents of Botusha! Italian women have always been distinguished by impeccable style and sense of fashion – they are the inspiration of many fashion houses. In fashion blog we present you the little secrets of Italian women that will inspire you!

They are not afraid to wear a lot of jewelry – they are not afraid to combine their jewelry and are not limited to just one ring or bracelet. For them, this is not kitsch, but luxury.

They always bring sunglasses with them – they are an invariable accessory for the Italian woman and are lovers of both simple and extravagant models.

They like tight jeans – the Italian woman likes to emphasize her figure. So each of them has one such pair in their wardrobe, although sometimes they go out of trend.

They do not wear nylon tights – you will rarely see an Italian lady wearing them. They are not fans of them and even with high boots they do not wear, but prefer to be barefoot.

They emphasize their waist with a belt – whether with a skirt, dress or pants, ladies often wear a belt. They love accessories, and this one emphasizes the waist and gives a chic style.


We hope that at least one of the tricks made you think about your wardrobe and styling! We look forward to hearing from you!

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