FASHION MANUAL: This is how the most beautiful dresses with floral motifs will be worn this summer!

In our new article in fashion blog we will reveal to you how to take advantage of the hot trends this summer! And one of them is our hit dresses with floral motifs! We have prepared a lot of tips and tricks for you in the golden fashion blog , enjoy them!

Besides being beautiful and always up-to-date, dresses are an easy solution for an outfit. 

Here are our suggestions:

  • With your favorite sneakers / sneakers and with / without socks – you can combine the casual dress with comfortable sneakers and accentuate with colored socks in tone or with invisible ballerina socks. You will definitely feel comfortable and well!
  • With sports shoes and high socks – this requires more courage and flair to not cross the border. Choose a suitable dress in a sporty-elegant style to combine properly.
  • With flat sandals – a classic that does not go out of fashion!
  • With sandals with comfortable heel – the low thick heel is comfortable enough for walking and elegant enough to be anywhere and anytime!
  • If you want to revive a shirt dress, you can combine it with high-waisted pants. An up-to-date way to show your style!
  • Is it cool outside? A blazer and the combination with a dress is perfect!

Below we have selected examples of our tips, and we will show you some of our great new models of dresses with floral patterns! We hope that this time we were useful to you and we wish you a colorful summer with ZLATNA !

1/13 Dress combined with sneakers with high socks and finishing blazer with spectacular print

2/13 Another example of a combination with high socks

3/13 Classic flat sandals, suitable for combination with almost all dresses

4/13 Shirt type dress combined with high waist pants

5/13 Low and thick heel sandals are a comfortable outfit solution

6/13 PRIMAVERA satin dress with floral motifs from our new collection. Available in six colors.

7/13 ZARATNA KAROL PINK dress is great to combine with your favorite sneakers and a mini bag in the same color!

8/13 MALENA dress with floral motifs – perfect for combination with low heels!

9/13 Also available in yellow sunny version

10/13 Our great dress with bare shoulders, which you can combine with low or high sandals, and why not with sneakers?

11/13 We also offer it in white, and here you can see how perfectly it stands in the back!

12/13 Another model suitable for the everyday life of every golden girl!

13/13 And with this latest model that we show you here, we want to wish you unforgettable summer days and nights!

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