With what to combine the denim jacket

Every woman knows what a basic wardrobe is and what it should consist of. Fashion experts give advice on what to buy so that you do not find it difficult to create a modern image for any occasion. So don’t be surprised if you see a denim jacket along with basic clothes such as a pencil skirt or a white blouse.

The range of denim jackets is quite wide. Remember that when choosing a denim jacket, you should not skimp. This does not mean that you should only buy expensive models of famous brands; your goal is – denim jacket, tight. High quality denim is flexible, so the material you choose will retain its original appearance and feel for a long time. Even the natural loss of color during wearing does not spoil the look, but only adds style. When you invest in a quality jacket, you can be sure that it will last you much longer than you thought.

How to choose from a wide range of jackets suitable for you? First of all, you need to decide whether you want to buy a modern thing or a classic model of jeans that will serve you for several years. If you prefer to make a long-term investment, choose a traditional jacket without unnecessary decorative elements.

During this and the following seasons, jackets are very fashionable, similar to men’s. They look oversize, have enough volume and have broad shoulders.

Pay attention to such a thing as a denim vest. Bold fashion lovers combine it with almost any lower part: with flying dresses and rough shorts . And if you are a true “style icon”, wear a sleeveless jacket in the cooler seasons on a cardigan or coarse knit sweater.

They look very interesting and fresh denim jackets, sewn with different textures, such as a model with knitted sleeves or leather inserts. Such a jacket can be used instead of the usual windbreaker.


What to wear?

Of course, every girl knows what to combine a denim jacket with. But how can you be sure they will notice you? How not to merge with the crowd? Here is an example of an absolutely non-trivial image: a short denim jacket worn over a vest will not go unnoticed. In addition to warmth and comfort, it will attract the attention of others.

Leather vests have been popular for several seasons, and in combination with the denim jacket you can create an interesting look. Add high-heeled shoes: how can such a girl go unnoticed?

Create a sufficiently impressive look with a tassel jacket and extended jeans. Try to choose things that are not in the same tone, the bottom may be darker, and if you replace the jeans with classic pants, you will get a good set for school or work.

A great look is a denim jacket and a maxi or mussel length skirt, you can also experiment with a pleated skirt . Buying a denim jacket, you find great opportunities to create a variety of images – from brutal and sporty to classic and romantic. Be brave, try different modern and non-standard combinations and do not forget that if you like yourself in the mirror, others will not remain indifferent to you!

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