10 simple secrets on how to look stylish and expensively dressed!

Every girl wants to be well dressed and stylish, but this often has nothing to do with the budget. we will reveal 10 simple rules on how to dress with taste!

  1. Black color
    Looks tasteless: If pale
    Looks stylish: If it is saturated
  2. Neckline
    Looks tasteless: If deep
    Looks stylish: If elegant and slightly rounded
  3. Shoes
    Look tasteless: If they have a high platform
    Looks stylish: If they are classic
  4. Lace
    Looks tasteless: If in large quantities
    Looks stylish: If only accent
  5. Jewelry
    Looks tasteless: If it is plastic and voluminous
    Looks stylish: If it is elegant and almost imperceptible
  6. The bag
    looks tasteless: If it is irregular in shape
    It looks stylish: If it is firm and in the right shape
  7. Lingerie
    Looks tasteless: If visible
    Looks stylish: If not visible
  8. Formal Dresses
    Looks Tasteless: If It’s a Neon Color
    Looks Stylish: If It’s a Dark Shade of Colors
  9. Size
    Looks tasteless: If it’s too big
    Looks stylish: If it’s the right size
  10. Animal prints
    Look tasteless: If the whole outfit is in them
    Looks stylish: If they are an accent

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