Fashion in England and Italy during the Renaissance

The word renaissance means rebirth or rebirth . This extremely important historical period began in the 14th century in the city-states of present-day Italy, which did not exist as a state entity at the time, spread north, and ended around 1650.

The Renaissance was inspired by the great achievements of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, almost forgotten and largely denied during the Middle Ages, called by many the Dark Ages.

The clothes show and have always shown the versatility of the personality, and the personalities who lived during this period are extremely interesting. We must mention Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci. From their works we can judge the aspirations of the people at that time.

The ideal of beauty in the Late Middle Ages is related to the fact that the body is elongated and narrow, while that of the Renaissance is quite different. Women’s clothing makes the lower part of the body look extremely wide, and for men the emphasis is on the shoulders, which are also slightly exaggerated.

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