Hand care


Hand care

Until a few years ago, I wondered about all these women in beauty salons who sit for hours to get their manicures done. I still wonder about them, ahaha, but I fully understand and support the care they take for their hands. It’s just that this happens to me at home, where I enjoy it a lot, and I can multitask during most of these procedures. Watch youtube videos or listen to podcasts, read a book or work on your computer. I already want my hands to look good – both my face and my hands want to stay young and fresh for longer. Here are some of my tricks in caring for them:

1. I love that the skin of my hands is well exfoliated , although I haven’t made it a habit yet. Basically, when I think about it, I do this – I pour a handful of sugar into a small bowl and add olive oil and / or coconut oil . In fact, other oils and oils can be added, such as almond, argan. I mix it to a pulp and with movements as if I wash my hands with soap, I start rubbing the mixture on them. I judge for myself exactly how hard, but I do not overdo it, because sugar can scratch the skin a lot if I rub hard. After a few minutes I wash my hands with a little soap to wash everything, but not completely, because the oil still feels light on the skin very nice.

2. I already care a lot about manicure and I try to keep it looking good. I make my own manicure with gel polish at home, I wrote about it here – link . In the beginning I bought only the basics, but over time I took some more things that I thought would make it easier for me. I also use vitamin E oil for cuticles – I already think it works. And I like the manicure to be simple, without any patterns and I prefer the colors of the nail polish to be gentle and unobtrusive and bright. At the moment my favorite color is the one in the photos and it is something like almost white or milk with cocoa, but slightly pink, and for the summer I like pure white or gentle body shades in pink and peach.

3. I take breaks from gel polish and during the time when I’m without, I use nail hardener with oils and vitamins, but I like to leave them with nothing for another day, so that the creams, oils and hand masks I use can be absorbed into the nails.

4. I mentioned hand masks . For some, this may be completely new, but I discovered them a few years ago and I really liked it as a method of additional care for the skin of the hands. They are in the form of gloves, soaked inside with a variety of oils and extracts. I use hand masks from the Iroha brand , a big plus for me is that they are Korean . This type of hand masks are great for hectic everyday life, because they do not prevent me from multitasking. Even as I write this article, I’m wearing peach gloveswhich have such a soothing scent. Iroha masks have one main ingredient plus 16 other natural extracts and all aim to hydrate and nourish the skin of hands and nails, have an anti-aging effect and balance pigmentation. I feel like a hand spa and I like that it’s something ready and easy to use, and it has a great effect. It is not bad to use after exfoliating the skin in my opinion for an even stronger effect.

5. I have to cut the cuticles around the nails, but only on the sides, and push them lightly on top . I think it’s much more important than having a good nail polish. Regarding the nails – I like different shapes, and as a length I prefer the middle position – neither long nor cut to the bottom. I used to like it to the bottom, but a few millimeters longer and well-shaped look much more feminine to me. While long nails look kind of intrusive and rough.

6. Hand cream is a must now. I underestimated it a lot until a year ago, I never had hand cream, I rarely used any body creams. And hand creams are usually thicker, just what the skin of the hands needs. I don’t have a favorite to recommend, but I notice that applied with massaging movements has a better effect , because it absorbs into the skin, otherwise one part is wiped in the clothes. Also, after removing Iroha’s gloves, I massage for a while until the serum absorbs into the skin, the same goes for cuticle oil.

If you do not have the habit of doing all this, it may sound too much, but in reality when you start and see the effect, the habit is created and I already perform these steps very naturally, without thinking, without burdening me, and vice versa – I feel It’s good that I take care of myself, I relax and it doesn’t take much of my time, because I’m learning multitasking and better organization.

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