How to buy new headphones: features and tips

If you are passionate about music, headphones will probably always go with you. However, there are so many types and prices that when it comes to buying them you probably don’t even know where to start. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for, to help you.

Choosing headphones that exactly suit the personal needs of each person can often be a quite complex task, especially because there is an increasingly wide variety of different models on the market to choose from. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to help you make choosing the perfect headphones that best suit you a simpler task, depending on the use you want to give them and the features they include.

Advantages of new headphones

Currently, the use of headphones, regardless of their type, is tremendously popular, being an almost indispensable accessory . In general, they are used to listen to what each person wants privately without other people around having to listen to it. Therefore, it is common to use them in public places, libraries or while playing sports, for example, to achieve total isolation .

You may also decide to use them simply for their sound quality , since good headphones can give you a superior experience than speakers. Whether listening to the radio, music or podcasts, it is common that headphones can become an important accessory in your daily life.

And although since it is more than likely that you already have some at home, the first question you should ask yourself before thinking about buying new headphones is whether you really need others or not , life is not about spending for the sake of spending. Perhaps the ones you have, even though they are old and you can hear everything very well with them, are uncomfortable or damaged. Or, on the contrary, they are very comfortable but you no longer hear well or only one of the two works. Whatever the case may be, if after thinking about it, the answer is that you actually need others, keep reading because we are going to tell you everything you need to know.

How to choose good headphones

As we said, on the market you can find a wide variety of headphones; wired, wireless, headband, etc. Thus, choosing the one that really suits what you need can be a complicated task. Therefore, you must take into account the following characteristics to ensure that the headphones you are going to buy are the ones that best suit your needs.


Frequency response is the range of sound that the headset can reproduce, it is measured in Hz (Hertz) and is represented from the lowest to the highest cutoff frequency. That is, the higher the range, the higher the sound quality will also be. Generally, the range of our ears allows us to cover all frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 KHZ , therefore, it is important that the headphones you choose have this frequency response range. Thanks to this, they will reproduce sound with superior quality.


The input power of headphones allows you to know what  maximum power they are capable of supporting from the source where you are going to connect them at a particular time. Each player has maximum output power specifications that are related to the headphone amplifier. That is why, as long as the maximum input power of the headphones is equal to or greater than the maximum output power of the player, any measurement will be valid.


Sensitivity is a value that is directly related to the output power, so, generally, the higher it is, the better. However, it can not only directly affect the sound quality but also the well-being of your ears . Therefore, when buying headphones you should avoid having them exceed 120 dB, otherwise it is possible that they could cause pain and even hearing damage. Headphone sensitivity is typically in the range of 80 to 125 dB SPL/V .


When we talk about impedance we are referring to the resistance to the passage of electric current . It is measured in Ohms and it is a very important characteristic, since it indicates the amount of energy that will reach the output of the headphones. The higher this is, the better; since basically you will hear it louder since a small increase in volume makes the gain higher. Hence, it is important to differentiate between headphones with lower or higher impedance.

Noise Cancellation

One of the features that you will find the most – which in turn is the most sought after – in modern headphones is that they have noise cancellation. And outside noise is one of the main culprits in the loss of sound quality when using headphones.

To achieve this, headphones that have active noise cancellation have two microphones placed on either side of the headset to capture ambient sound and create a cancellation signal that weakens it. You will also find headphones with passive noise cancellation . In this case, what these do is reduce outside noise, because the headset remains completely attached to the ear. If you are looking for a noise canceling and quality headband then I would recommend you to buy from Banggood, it has various branded headbands at low prices.

While it is true that  passive noise canceling headphones can be useful in low noise circumstances, in other situations they will not be of much use. The so-called ambient noise  will continue to penetrate your ears, although partially.

If you are looking to avoid any type of ambient sound, over-ear headphones  will be the best for this. However, they are heavier and can end up being much more uncomfortable.

You should also keep in mind that active noise cancellation has a negative impact on the battery and autonomy when we have it activated, something that is also not convenient to do always and that will depend on what you are doing at any given time. For example, during a walk or if you are running, it would be advisable to have it deactivated because failing to perceive important ambient sound could be dangerous. In these cases, it would be convenient to activate the ambient mode , something that many models also usually have.


We cannot fail to mention something that we sometimes forget, which is  comfort . And it is essential that you can wear them comfortably without them being too tight or too heavy . That is why it is important to take into account the type of headset you want to use and, above all, the quality of both the pads and their materials, which after all is what will be in direct contact with your skin. . Within comfort, you must also assess how easy it is to transport them and, therefore, their weight. In general, the ideal is for them to be below 350 grams, an important point especially in over-ear headphones.

In reality, the key will always be that they  adapt to you in the best possible way. You must review what activity you want to do with them, if you need a certain weight or shape so that they are comfortable for you, among many other parameters.


In the case of wireless headphones, autonomy is another fundamental section, since it is conditioned by different aspects. In general, you will be able to use them for several days on supra-aural models, while those that are in-ear tend to offer a autonomy of between five and eight hours . This is greatly influenced by the  size of the headphones themselves, of course: the smaller they are, the less space they will have to incorporate a battery inside.

You also have to take into account some conditions that directly influence it. For example, the volume or, as we mentioned above, whether you have noise cancellation activated. If the volume is very high and/or noise cancellation is activated, this will considerably drain the battery, so the autonomy will be significantly reduced.

The so-called in-ear or in-ear headphones (like the classic Apple  AirPods ) have less battery, but they usually offer extra charge thanks to their case . So it’s a plus that you should consider!

Types of headphones

One of the most common questions when buying headphones is knowing what type of headphones to choose. And in the market you can find them of different kinds, each one specific for each type of user, so it is important to know them all, as well as their main uses.

Wireless or wired?

The use of wireless headphones has become today’s big trend, since they have managed to reproduce great sound quality through Bluetooth without having to connect any cable to another device. This technology is present in both on-ear and in-ear headphones, making them ideal to take everywhere.

wireless headphones offer

They provide great convenience when walking, taking the train, bus or subway without having to worry about the cable or whether they are properly plugged in. However, as a negative point in this case it must be said that they depend on their battery for them to work, so you have to charge them, since the moment you run out of battery, you are left without music. But it is true that there are a large number of headphones on the market whose


We are probably talking about the most well-known type of headphones. These are the typical traditional headphones that, when placed on the head and joining each earphone from one side to the other, effectively simulate a headband. They can be both wired and wireless and these, in turn, are subdivided depending on the type of construction:

  • Open headphones (supraural) : this type of headphones, instead of covering the entire ear, are placed on top, so they are designed for listening while you are walking quietly or are at home, for example. Their back is closed and they are used both inside and out, which means that the sound quality does not stand out.
  • Closed headphones (over-ear) : in this case they do cover the ear completely, so they are also larger and heavier, and in turn have greater noise cancellation. Mainly, their use is designed as studio headphones for professionals, although there are also those who choose to use them at home.
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headband headphones

The advantage of some over-ear headphones is that they come with  passive noise cancellation. This will isolate you from your surroundings, at least to some extent.

Headphones according to their uses

When choosing headphones that are ideal for you, you must first ask yourself why you want them and what uses you are going to give them. You won’t need the same type of headphones to play sports as you do to play video games or play records at a nightclub. There are headphones designed for each type of use, as we will see below.

To do sport

Sports headphones must have a series of specific features . And as if you are going to do any physical activity, it is normal for you to sweat, it is important that if you plan to wear headphones, they are resistant to both sweat and water. Likewise, if you decide to use them outdoors, there will be days when it rains, so in these cases they must also be protected. It is also important that these have a good grip so that they do not fall during exercise, as well as having a Bluetooth connection so that it is more comfortable to use without the presence of cumbersome cables. For this, there are two most recommended types:

  • With hook : this type of in-ear headphones have a hook that grips the top of the ear, allowing them to remain completely secured. In this way, the silicone eartips keep the headphones in place and the adjustable and elastic ear hooks offer additional grip to withstand any movement, even the most abrupt.
  • Neck contour : especially suitable for those seeking freedom of movement when doing sports. The lightweight neck support style is ideal for running, walking the streets or exercising without the need to tangle with a cable. These headphones come with a comfortable neckband that allows you to listen to your music comfortably while you move.

There are also special headphones for swimming , with which you won’t have to worry about them getting wet. These are created with waterproof or water-resistant materials, which prevent liquid from entering the headset. Most of them use wireless technology (Bluetooth) to connect to the mobile, although some also allow certain songs to be stored inside.

But how do I listen underwater? Regular headphones wouldn’t work in a pool because water is much denser than air and transmits sound differently. That is why you have to choose a special model for swimming. The most common thing is that they use bone conduction . That is, you will not have to insert the headset into your ear, but rather it will adjust to the temple so that the vibrations are transmitted through the bones of the head and reach directly to the inner ear.

Gaming headphones

The gaming world has its own accessories especially suitable for those looking for the best when playing. Just as you can find specific monitors, keyboards or mice, the same happens with headphones.

Gaming Headphones

Generally, those of this type have the following characteristics:

  • Type: It is common to find headband-type headphones, especially closed ones.
  • Design : far from the minimalism and elegance of other headphones, a variety of colors predominate in gaming that make them especially striking.
  • Ergonomic : they are designed to be used for hours while playing, so they are especially comfortable.
  • Isolation capacity : they must be able to completely isolate you from the environment so that you can focus solely on the games.
  • Microphone : essential to be able to communicate with other players during the course of an online game with the best possible quality.
  • Backlighting : A very common feature of gaming headphones is the presence of backlighting, which gives them a more striking and futuristic appearance.
  • With cables : it is usually common for gaming headphones to have a cable since this way you do not depend on the battery. After all, the idea is to be able to play for hours and hours without pause. And depending on the battery is always a pain!

DJ Headphones

Headphones are one of the most important DJ tools along with keyboards and controllers. In this case, these must have special characteristics that differentiate them from the rest of the music headphones. It is advisable that they be headband and closed, that they have a transmission belt that allows the tracks to be coordinated and not to get lost. They must also be very resistant and highly portable, as well as especially comfortable to use throughout the work day.

For musicians

If you are a musician, headphones are undoubtedly essential to be able to hear yourself while recording, so they must have good sound quality. They can be open or closed type. Open ones are recommended to avoid sound saturation and be able to hear everything clearly, which is why they are ideal for the sound mixing process. For their part, closed ones isolate from any external noise and help you hear your voice better and improve intonation. In addition, they must be especially comfortable.

musicians headphones

To travel

If you frequently travel by plane, train or bus, you may want headphones suitable for these occasions, where being able to enjoy your favorite music during the trip is the main thing. Therefore, as it is recommended that the ones you choose have noise cancellation to minimize ambient noise from the environment, these should be headband type. It is also very important that they are especially comfortable, especially for longer journeys, where you will spend many hours wearing them. The sound quality is also important, so in this case it is more important that they have a cable, although you can also opt for wireless Bluetooth ones if you don’t like cables, although in that case you will have to pay attention to the battery they have. .

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To work

Teleworking is becoming more and more present and in this case good headphones can be very useful. It is important that the ones you choose have a good microphone so that the receiver can understand you perfectly, without noise or interference. If you are going to spend many hours wearing them, it is important that they are comfortable and not heavy. If you are not going to move, it may be interesting that these have a cable to prevent a dead battery from spoiling a video conference. Generally, those with a closed headband are the best option, however, colors were invented for tastes and in this case it depends a little more on that aspect.


Finally, we leave a final assessment and a brief summary of the most important concepts mentioned throughout this guide and that you should take into account to find the best headphones that best suit you.

  • Think about whether you really need new headphones or the ones you already have are perfect for you.
  • Take into account characteristics such as power, sensitivity or noise cancellation of these.
  • Analyze carefully the types of headphones there are and which ones best adapt to the use you are going to want to give them.
  • Remember which are the leading brands in this field so that finding quality headphones is easier for you.