And so … Dubrovnik in all its spring-summer beauty was reflected in my eyes and heart on a wonderful trip and left many magical memories in me. I will try to tell some things about the trip and the places we saw.
For the first time we decided not to stay in a hotel, We booked a small apartment 10 minutes from the Old Town, loaded our luggage and the dog in the car and left. From Plovdiv to Dubrovnik we covered 890 km and our way was through Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We traveled more kilometers at once, but mostly on the highway, and there is a highway to Dubrovnik only in Serbia, and not much, and the moment we deviated from it, many repairs began on the road, which delayed us. In Bosnia, the nature is very beautiful and it was nice to travel on roads around rivers, lakes and mountains, but in the end the turns are very unpleasant.
Dubrovnik itself is reached by descending from the mountain above and the view, which suddenly opens to the sea, islands and the city, is so uplifting and enthusiastic after a long journey. The sun would soon set, creating golden colors throughout this picture, which had just been bathed in spring rain. We orientated ourselves very quickly and easily in the city, settled in, rested for 30 minutes and ran to the center with all our might. From the apartment to the center we walked and quickly absorbed the views, which we would enjoy longer the next day.

We entered the Old Town through the gate, passing through the city wall to reach the main street Stradun with beautiful marble tiles. Life was bustling inside, full of tourists, restaurants and shops full of people. Walking along Stradun, we saw the narrow streets around the buildings, where there are restaurants and cafes and everything looks terribly cozy and sweet. You walk and think about the years when all this was created and how people lived in the houses huddled next to each other.

<3 The sweetest!

The place is Burger Tiger if you are a fan of burgers. They are cruel! They are in the Old Town, in one of the last strands of Stradun on the left.

We reached the pier, which is full of restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea and boats on the pier. The place is extremely nice and I constantly imagined how it was in the past there.

We head to the City Walls, or rather to climb them and take a walk. Entrance is a bit expensive – 30 euros per person, includes a tour of the walls and entrance to the fortress Lovrijenac. In the heat it is quite tiring to cover the whole distance in one day, and the ticket is valid only for one day. However, the views from above are amazing to the city and the sea, to the island of Lokrum. See photos:

Here you can see the main street in the Old Town – Stradun, photographed from the wall.

Many of the roofs of the buildings have new tiles due to the war in the break-up of Yugoslavia. Bombs were then dropped and most of the roofs were later renovated.

You can see for yourself that the walk along the walls is worth it and should not be missed when visiting Dubrovnik.

For fans of Game of Thrones – the series is filmed in Croatia, specifically in the city of Dubrovnik and the city of Split. Many places offer guided tours on this topic, explain which scene was filmed and where people have a lot of fun with it. We missed it, but it is interesting to watch the series to see the fortresses of beautiful Dubrovnik and the island of Lokrum.

This amazing view of the Old Town and the coast was revealed as we climbed Lovrijenac Fort. The coast is very beautiful with high walls and natural rocks around them.

I end this travelogue with a picture of Stradun at sunset, when the last rays are reflected in the marble tiles and everything looks golden. I admit that we did not expect Dubrovnik to be such an amazing city, I expected beauty, but not so much. I love its fortresses, sea views, small narrow streets with beautiful restaurants, hundreds of flower pots everywhere and more and more …

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