How to wear leggings in the spring and look stunning!

In our golden fashion blog this time we will pay attention to the wedges – in our team we are their sworn fans and there is a reason! They are so convenient and easy to combine in many ways! In blog fashion this week we will show you our latest inspirations from Instagram and Pinterest, which will surely help you get ideas.

  • Wedge paired with slippers, shirt and blazer – slippers are one of the most comfortable shoes for spring, and we really like this combination!
  • Leggings combined with moccasins and a sweater – the leggings fit very well with this type of moccasins, because you can see little of the legs and this gives an elongated visual effect, and in combination with an oversized sweater you will achieve a perfect posture!
  • Wedge combined with boots with thick heels and trench coat – this is a very easy and at the same time super stylish combination for every lady!
  • Leggings combined with thin heels and a blazer – combine with a clean dark blouse and shoes in the same shade, add a colorful trench coat and you will have a stylish outfit suitable for all occasions!
  • Wedge combined with track boots, sweatshirt and leather jacket – if you are looking for a modern and casual look, combine wedges with your favorite sweatshirt and leather jacket. Sneakers would also be appropriate in this combination.
    We will definitely try all these ideas! We hope that you have chosen your favorite combination, and to make it you can visit our online store , where you will find many models of leggings, leather jackets, blazers and many more surprises!

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