Makeup with NYX

With the desire to make up again with eye shadows, my interest in palettes was born. It’s a little fascinating, in fact, to mix shades, to overflow, to experiment with colors. These things didn’t excite me at all before, but I recently started looking at photos of makeup artists and their Instagram profiles, which inspire me a lot. This is my first Nyx eye shadow palette, and one of my few palettes overall. I used single shades of the brand, they are great and again I was not disappointed.

I chose this palette – NYX Professional Makeup Away We Glow , because it is a combination of warm and cold shades in extremely beautiful colors. I want to make up with every color of the ten in the box, and this is definitely a good sign, because usually there are always colors in the palettes that I just would not use and remain intact. The selection of matte and glossy shades is great. In the photo I have colors 2, 5 and 8 – completely matte look. I’ve already tried some of the others and I’m just in love with the palette! Great combinations can be made, there are colors for smoky makeup, for summer bronze with a lot of shine, for a more delicate or stronger evening (soon I will show you my summer day makeup). I really like the box itself – clean and simple, with straight shapes and my favorite rose gold! In addition, they are pigmented, easy to apply on the eyelid and allow overflow. I always apply eye shadow with foundation, because once you come across one that does its job, you realize it’s a game changer.

I have tried several types of base for shadows from higher to lower class, as well as different in type. I wanted to test Proof it! on Nyx to see how they will react with the shadows of being on the same brand. Eee, this foundation quickly became the best I’ve ever used . It won me over mostly in terms of endurance. For a long time without any blurring and collecting shadows on the folds of the eyelids. The package has a very convenient applicator. I apply a little product, spread it with my finger on the eyelid and let it dry. Then I make up, the shadows are easy to apply, but the overflow with a brush is easier. I can definitely say that so far with this base my makeup lasts the longest.

I decided to try one of the Nyx spirals. Worth the hype is one of the most famous of the brand and I wanted to check out what this hype is for;). I have a hard time with mascaras, I have a favorite and I compare every other one I try with mine. This separates the lashes, gives length and light volume. I like that I don’t get dirty when I apply it, because the brush is comfortable and this way, after I have put on eye shadows and eyeliner, for example, there is no danger of ruining everything by applying mascara.

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