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Foundation Story
Founded by three partners of French origin in 1988, LC Waikiki started its commercial life as a wholesale brand. Established and registered in Paris, LC Waikiki attracted attention with its t-shirt and sweatshirt designs in the first place. With the separation of the two founding partners of the brand in time, LC Waikiki was passed to George Amouyal as the sole shareholder. Tema Tekstil, which is connected to Taha Group and is the producer as well as licensor of LC Waikiki in Turkey, bought the worldwide rights of the LC Waikiki brand in 1997.

After the purchase of all the rights of the brand, the name of Tema Tekstil, belonging to Taha Group, was changed to “LC Waikiki Retailing Services”. The 7 percent share of the group was transferred to George Amouyal, from whom LC Waikiki’s royalties were purchased. Although George Amouyal, of French origin, has not been actively involved in the management of LC Waikiki after the brand name transfer, he still holds 7 percent of our company.

Taha Group, founded in 1988, bought LC Waikiki, which was born in Paris but grew in Istanbul, and brought it to its current level. The adventure of our brand has started with the capital support of the shareholders of Taha Dış Ticaret, which carried out import and export operations in the iron and steel sector of the period, and Taha Tekstil, a start-up in which Mustafa Küçük took responsibility as a founder/managing partner. Taha Tekstil, located in Zeytinburnu, on a small area of approximately 150 square meters on the ground floor of an apartment building, was established as a sample sewing and cutting workshop. Taha Tekstil, which exports clothing based on contract manufacturing, met with LC Waikiki via an intermediary marketer.

Upon receipt of an order of approximately ten thousand pieces of monkey t-shirts of LC Waikiki which were very popular at that time and mostly produced in countries such as India, Korea and Greece, Taha Tekstil began to organize the contract manufacturing of the brand in Turkey. Taha Tekstil has verged to production investments over time in order to meet LC Waikiki’s increasing order, printing, embroidery, label, quality and short-term production demands. These investments were made by establishing separate profit-centered companies managed by different founding/managing partners as start-ups.

The companies, which were established as printing, embroidery, label, knitted fabric, knitted dyehouse and different clothing workshops between 1990-1994, were gathered under the roof of Taha Holding, whose General Coordinator was Mustafa Küçük in 1994. Taha Tekstil, and later Taha Holding, was established by Şefik Yılmaz Dizdar as the shareholder partner and Mustafa Küçük, the founder/managing partner, with a 50 percent partnership each. In the following period, 10 percent of the share of Taha Tekstil, the parent company, was transferred to İsmail Hakkı Kısacık, the production manager at that time, and the number of shareholders of Taha Tekstil and Taha Holding increased to three.

Even though the founding/managing partners responsible for the management of each company established within Taha Holding are not shareholders in the parent company, they have joined the Taha Group family due to the partnership shares of the companies under their management. After Taha Tekstil started production of LC Waikiki for export, as the famous monkey t-shirt models of that period were in great demand in the domestic market, Turkey license of LC Waikiki was acquired by Taha Holding via Tema Tekstil which was established in 1991. Then, Turkey’s domestic market was penetrated via wholesale trading and corner dealers.

Mustafa Küçük’s brother, Vahap Küçük was appointed as the founder / managing partner of Tema Tekstil, which was established by Taha Holding to manage the wholesale organization of LC Waikiki in the domestic market. Our first retail LC Waikiki store was opened on Şişli Halaskargazi Street. Despite other retail stores were opened in different cities later on, our retail stores could not achieve the intended profitability and growth due to the financial crisis in 2000. During the financial crisis in 2000, in Taha Group companies which had difficulties in maintaining the cash flow balance and had to sell some production companies to meet their cash needs, the challenges brought by the experienced crisis prompted the management of the corporation to take radical decisions.

During this period, it was decided to separate the production group and the retail group from each other completely and to leave the wholesale dealership system and focus entirely on retailing. In line with these radical decisions, it was determined that the production companies shall focus on export under the roof of Taha Holding and under the Group Coordinator, İsmail Kısacık, who was responsible for production whereas Tema Holding and its affiliated Tema Mağazacılık, under the Chairmanship of Vahap Küçük and the CEO/Group Coordinator Mustafa Küçük, shall focus entirely on the retail sector.

Through Tema Holding and Tema Mağazacılık, merged under LC Waikiki, we act in line with our vision of becoming one of Europe’s three most successful clothing brands until 2023. With our mission “everyone deserves to dress well”, we continue to grow with our own stores domestic and abroad, and with our franchise partners in countries with legal obligations. With the factories established in various cities of Anatolia, we continue to work on the production and export of the world’s leading brands. As of 2020, we are proud to reach 22.6 billion TL net sales, approximately 50 thousand employees, 845 million USD export and more than 1000 stores.

The history of LC Waikiki

The LC Waikiki brand was first introduced in 1988 by three French partners in Paris, where it was famous for its T-shirts and ready-to-wear brands.

In 1997, the Turkish company Tema, a subsidiary of the Taha Group, bought the rights of the LC Waikiki brand entirely from the French partner George Amoyal, leaving him with 7% of the company’s shares, and LC Waikiki became a Turkish brand.

LC Waikiki’s real breakthrough began in Istanbul after the Taha Group bought it, and it quickly spread throughout Turkey and the world.

LC Waikiki clothing

LC Waikiki clothing store offers various types of women’s and men’s clothing, the most important of which are sweatshirts, jackets, T-shirts, pullovers, shirts, fabric pants, jeans, sportswear, chinos, shorts, formal wear, beachwear, sports pants, jackets and coats, Underwear, pajamas, socks, and nightwear.

LC Waikiki Turkish fashion also offers accessories including belts, wallets, hats, winter gloves, ties, watches and sunglasses.

In addition, LC Waikiki sells perfumes and some personal care products.

Elsie Waikiki also produces baby and kids clothing, from birth to 5 years old, and 4 years old to 14 years old.

LC waikiki branches

LC Waikiki branches are spread in many places inside and outside Turkey, as as of March 2020, LC Waikiki has a total of 1004 stores in 47 countries around the world.

There are a lot of LC Waikiki stores around the world in European countries and in the middle east mainly in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, Oman, Jordan and many Arab countries. and more than 400 stores in 78 Turkish states.

Contacting LC waikiki

You can contact LC Waikiki Turkey by calling a phone number

444 4 529

LC Waikiki Franchise

LC Waikiki currently has more than 800 outlets in more than 37 countries around the world. You can apply to open an LC Waikiki store in your country by filling in the Franchise Application form from here, provided that a member of the LC Waikiki team contacts you.

What does LC Waikiki mean?

The word LC Waikiki means beach friends, as it is made up of two segments LC which means Friends in French, and Waikiki which refers to a beach on the island of Hawaii.

About LC Waikiki and Its Wide Range of Products

LC Waikiki is famous all across Egypt for its wide range of fashion-forward products for men, women and kids. It was established in 1988 and headquartered in France. It is constantly exporting garments all over the world. Customers easily shop from its mobile app and its official website. It provides the opportunity to purchase its on-trend fashion essentials at reduced price tags with LC Waikiki Promo Code in Egypt.

You can find a huge range of fashion products on its web store such as Kids T-shirt, Men T-shirt, Women Dresses, Women Jeans, Tunics, Men Jeans, Newborn essentials, Swimsuits, Pyjamas and many more. The best part for this brand, it offers exclusive LC Waikiki Voucher Codes, which saves you money and provides you high-end products effortlessly. You can also check out and shop for its feature products from the following sections:

Women –When it comes to elevating your style game you will never go wrong through LC Waikiki’s selection for women. You can maintain your personality by exploring and shopping for a vast variety of women essentials including Shirts & Tops, Blouses, Dresses, Skirts, Trousers, Leggings and a lot more. So, whether you are willing to hog the spotlight or you want to stay comfy, you can easily purchase women essentials at discounted rates by redeeming LC Waikiki Coupon Code Egypt on its website.

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