Little fashion tricks for a perfect look!

In our golden fashion blog we will reveal the little tricks of stylists to achieve perfect proportions of the figure! Our fashion blog is an important advisor for every golden girl and this week the information in it will definitely be useful and you can apply it in all seasons and combinations. Try to remember our tips or just keep the link somewhere – we are sure you will need it again!

It all depends on how we combine our clothes, of course. Accessories, colors, fabrics are important, but the cuts remain in the first place. The main problem is to choose models that best fit our figure and not bother to wear things that are simply not for us, even if we like them very much.

But there are some simple little tricks that will help you a lot!

  • When we wear loose clothes, we optically look bigger. If our waist is wide, it is good to bet on looser models, but if it is thin, we must emphasize it and take advantage. It is good to adhere to this rule, especially when it comes to elegant and business attire.
  • Get rid of clothes that are too tight for you ! You will always look big and badly dressed in them. It is much more refined when the garment is the right size, it is permissible to be slightly loose. But when it presses on your body, it makes a bad impression on you, as if you yourself are depressed by something.
  • Accessories also play an important role! When we choose oversized or bulky clothes, we should combine them with a small bag or clutch, but never with a large one, because the balance of the vision is disturbed.
  • Another secret from the stylists that we will reveal to you is how to make your legs look longer. The answer is short – just fold or fold the sweater and you will create this optical illusion. Try it and you will see how much more stylish it will look like!
  • And our last trick is related to the new classic of folded legs. When we are wearing ankle boots or shoes in which we have to put the jeans, the better option is to fold them. As well as being more comfortable, it’s much, much more beautiful than putting them in your boots.
    If we have been helpful with our blog , we will be happy for your feedback! You can share your experience with these tricks or other useful ones in the comments. And we also remind you that we have gold discounts on almost all models and it is worth a look!

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