How I clean my face and makeup

I’ve been changing the way I clean makeup from my face for a while now and I want to explain why I chose this method and these products and how I feel about my skin now.

A few years ago, micellar water seemed to become the most popular product for removing makeup and not only – but also one of the steps in cleansing facial skin. However, several times different dermatologists tell me not to use micellar water. They explained briefly that it is not suitable for my skin, which is quite oily, that it will only confuse my pH and spread microbes on the skin, especially when I have a pimple. For years I used micellar water daily, sometimes twice a day. Following the advice of dermatologists, I did my research. Several other articles convinced me that the option of washing my face with water and detergent is better for me. I also liked the idea of ​​not using cotton swabs, but cleaning my face only with water and cosmetics.

Then I chose Lancome Miel-En-Mousse cleansing mousse to wash my face I was curious to try it because it is a highly praised product, although it is for all skin types and not specifically for combination to oily skin like mine. On the other hand, it contains salicylic acid – a super ingredient for more problematic skin. The mousse is very gentle and pleasant, the texture is relatively thick but sparkling and the product is very economical. It smells great of honey and vanilla, washes my face beautifully and leaves it soft and hydrated without feeling greasy film. It deserves all the superlatives!It also contains acacia honey, almond oil, rose extract. Since I use a fairly heavy foundation (Double wear by Estee Lauder), and after washing my face I no longer clean the skin with a cotton swab and micellar water or tonic, I started using a sponge for washing . I like natural sea mushrooms the most, but those in the form of a simple sponge or brush are also great. My most important condition is that it is very gentle, because I am not looking for an exfoliating effect on the skin, but just a better and more thorough cleansing.

With the removal of mascara, highly pigmented lipstick and eyeliner, it was difficult for me to wash with it, and it is not intended for these areas, so I chose another very interesting product from Notino – oil for removing makeup for face and eyes L’OccitaneImmortelle . Do not use cotton swabs when using it, but rub directly on dry skin, then add a little water, massage and finally wash. In addition to dissolving makeup very well and cleaning it, the oil itself is easily washed off with water and does not stay greasy, as expected from an oil. However, it is not suitable for the whole face if you have combination to oily skin. At the same time it is not aggressive to the fine skin around the eyes, eyelids and lips, on the contrary – it leaves a very pleasant feeling of softness and hydration and sometimes after that I forget to use eye cream. The main ingredient in the oil is the immortelle herb, which has a strong anti-aging effect.

I wanted to tell you about these products because they are very nice, but also to introduce you to my way of cleansing makeup and facial skin in exactly two steps. It is very easy, much more economical, environmentally friendly and my skin is perfectly clean and in very good shape. Of course, she is taken care of by other products after that, which are also the cause of her condition and I will tell you about them soon.

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