Airfryer or hot air fryer products are a technology that has become more popular in recent years. This has enabled Airfryer products to develop within themselves. As chefs try new menus with air fryers, airfryer recipes have also increased. Especially the expectation of healthy food can become easier with the airfryer technology. Fat-free french fries, fat-free fries, fat-free fried chicken menus can be consumed much faster, easier and healthier with these devices. An Airfryer option is available for french fries, vegetable dishes, meat products and more. Of course, each brand’s Airfryer products also have different features, but when we look at their common features, we can say that the product is intended for healthy cooking. While it is possible to cook healthy and fat-free meals with the Airfryer, let’s also say that it offers a very satisfying technology for those who are older and need a healthier, leaner diet. So what exactly is the airfryer and how does it work?


The Airfryer is known simply as an air fryer and has become a prominent product in recent years. Air fryer products are located on kitchen counters with their standard forms that do not take up space. In this way, even if you have a small kitchen, this does not prevent you from getting an air fryer. Airfryer productsIt essentially heats and cooks with air, and the hot air is evenly distributed to each part of the food. We can see little or no oil use in air frying and cooking foods. This provides convenience for both those who cannot eat oily meals and those who do not like to cook. We can mention that the air fryer is included in the electrical kitchen appliances. It is possible to cook many foods in the Airfry, from meat varieties to pies and cakes. Each Airfryer product has different settings and these settings actually show the dishes you can make in the product. The Airfryer is quite different from the oven because we can see an even distribution here and the same rate of cooking takes place at each point. In addition, it is economically more beneficial than the oven because Airfryer products do not have a preheating process. After preparing the food you will cook in the Airfry, you can fill it into the chamber. Then you can start by selecting the desired setting. While Airfryer has positive effects on children’s food consumption, it has actually become a product that offers convenience for all age groups. This is one of the main reasons for its spread.  


The working principle of Airfryer is very simple and you can start using it easily. To use the Airfryer, you must first obtain the product, and then you can easily install it. Plug the product in and then read the detailed information from the booklet. Since the working principle of the Airfryer is in question, we should also mention the Maillard reaction. The Maillard reaction is actually a chemical reaction and can make food tastier. Many examples of this can be given. This reaction provides the crispy feeling on top of products such as grilled burgers, in particular. That’s why you see the effect of using the Airfryer just like it was made on a grill. Because the Airfryer is an air fryer, it circulates air over the food. This circulating occurs quickly and warm weather is preferred. In this case, the oil requirement is also very low. Before use, you need to preset because in fact, the settings of all kinds of food are separated from each other. The setting of soup and frying is different and you have to choose accordingly. Of course, you can set the temperature or time, and you can take the food out of the standard cooking and shape it according to you.


The advantages and disadvantages of Airfryer are the most curious subject for those who want to acquire it. Airfryer products have become a prominent product in a short time with their many advantages and are gaining a place in kitchens. These advantages attract attention both in terms of economy, health and comfort.

  •  Airfryer use is known for its positive effects on electricity usage. If you are a person who normally uses an oven intensively, it is necessary to turn on the oven first and wait for it to warm up. This situation reflects negatively on the electricity bill. Those who have an electric stove can also get more positive effects from the Airfryer, because cooking on the electric stove also takes time and you can see it on the bill. The Airfryer, on the other hand, offers a fast and practical use with its short-term cooking and lack of pre-heating feature.
  •  Another advantage of the Airfryer is its wide variety of dishes. Everyone has a favorite dish, and some may like to eat vegetables, while others consume heavy meat. The Airfryer, on the other hand, has a variety of settings to cover all of these. You can cook meat, soup, vegetables and many other dishes in the Airfryer. In addition, it has features such as cakes, pastries, drying fruits and boiling eggs. If more than one person lives in a house, the fact that it can appeal to everyone’s taste also expands the scope of use of the product.
  • Airfryer attracts attention in many kitchens as it is a product that does not take up space. Whether you have a large or small kitchen, you can get an Airfryer because it does not take up space. With its small dimensions, it can be positioned at any point on the counter close to the plug.
  • It will be possible to consume healthy meals with the Airfryer. Airfryer can become a choice, especially if you want to lose weight and need to consume more lean foods for this. The Airfryer works easily with a small age ratio and the meals become supportive in the weight loss process. At the same time, there are certain people who need to consume less oil. Airfry can be mentioned especially in order to prevent the elderly from consuming an intense fat ratio.


Airfryer cleaning actually makes the product last longer, while some mistakes can shorten its life. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the cleaning process. When using the Airfryer, you must use no abrasive materials. Steel wires and sponges can be added to this. AirfryerThe cooking part of the products is non-stick coated. You must apply the right techniques to avoid damaging this material. At the same time, since the product is an electrical device, it cannot be immersed in water or come into direct contact with water. Make sure it is unplugged during the product cleaning process. You can use a toothbrush to clean the fryer, wooden materials will also be more effective, but you can also use them to remove more sticky materials because when these remain, they will burn during each cooking and cause the food to smell bad. Lemon is a product that you can use frequently in the cleaning process. You can move half of a lemon on the cooking surface. At the same time, there are cleaning products suitable for food, and you can ensure regular cleaning and hygiene by using them.

It is recommended to clean the air fryer after each use, which allows you to consume healthier food. At this stage, after removing the food from the Airfryer product, wait for a while and then wash its basket, pan and tray. This can be washed with warm water and soap. Then you can put it in the dishwasher, but you need to read from the instructions for use whether the parts are suitable for placing in the machines. The interior should also be cleaned and you can opt for a damp cloth for this. After the parts are dry, do the assembly and you can now use the product again. The product, which is actually quite easy to clean, can be used frequently when cleaned regularly. You can also clean the product with the right materials to make it last longer. 

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