5 things to see and do in Los Angeles

From movies to monsters, theme parks to botanical gardens, discover 10 things to do in Los Angeles. If you don’t yet know how to visit Los Angeles, you will be able to prepare a whole bunch of activities!

Famous for its cinematic heritage, its Hollywood stars and its constant sunshine, Los Angeles is one of the most legendary cities in the United States. Claire Connachan shares her best tips for spending a dream stay in the City of Angels and visiting Los Angeles in a friendly atmosphere.

1. Which amusement park to visit in Los Angeles?

If you decide to visit Los Angeles, try to spend at least one day at one of the city’s theme parks. There is no shortage of choice: you can experience a magical day at Disneyland or take a trip to Universal Studios if you prefer monsters to princesses. Don’t miss out on discovering the main attractions of these parks: “Muppets Vision 3D” (Disneyland) or the “House of Horrors” (Universal Studios).

2. Forget special effects, see real monsters

This is a fun thing to do in Los Angeles that you’ve probably never heard of! The Brea Tar Pits is in fact a tar pit that has become, over thousands of years, a deposit of animal fossils that found themselves trapped inside. There we find mainly insects, but also mammoths, sloths, bears…

Every day, scientists dig up fossils of now extinct prehistoric animals from tar pits, such as fossils of mastodons (a type of prehistoric elephant), smilodons (saber-toothed tigers) and giant sloths. The museum houses over a million fossils, all of which were found in the nearby tar pits. These wells continue to emit gas bubbles. You can see them for yourself while strolling through the park’s gardens. Clearly, it’s a great, unusual visit to make in Los Angeles to educate yourself and surprise yourself.

3. Attend a film festival in Los Angeles

It would be a shame to visit Los Angeles, the cinema capital of the world, without watching a film or two. If you love Hollywood glamour, try planning your trip to come to LA during the TCM Classic Film Festival . You can see films of all genres: detective films, westerns, dramatic comedies… The films are shown in the Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the Egyptian Theater – a cinema that looks like an Egyptian temple! Even outside of the festival, don’t miss visiting these two multiplexes, if only for their incredible architecture and their friendly atmosphere.

4. Go to the beach in Los Angeles

Despite the immensity of the city, Los Angeles is home to magnificent sandy beaches and the city is very sunny: it receives 3,200 hours of sunshine each year – or 500 hours of sunshine more than in Nice! Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit.

In Santa Monica, the seaside promenade stretches for many kilometers. You don’t know what to do in Los Angeles and you’re in good shape? Don’t hesitate to rent a bike or a pair of rollerblades and take a trip to Venice Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the city.

5. Explore wildlife at the Los Angeles Zoo

The Americans know how to do it when it comes to zoos. The Los Angeles Zoo is no exception: it is home to 1,100 amazing animals such as elephants, gorillas, tigers and Komodo dragons, which live in magnificent enclosures. The zoo is located within Griffith Park, a beautiful park that is also worth a visit. Pack a few sandwiches and spend the day exploring the place! It’s a must-visit place in Los Angeles. If you wish, you can tour the city of Vegas by traveling by Greyhound bus.