I am a person who has always believed in the power of words, but when you face such magic of nature, you realize how insignificant all words are. Nature speaks another language that you hear, see and feel with all your senses when you are in front of it. I didn’t believe Navagio Beach would captivate me like that and keep me speechless, smiling, and sighing in amazement. The view from the cliffs above is truly insanely beautiful, and I could stay there for a long time, staring at the sheer cliffs, the azure water, the white sand, the oncoming ships and yachts, and the whole surrounding sea.
September turned out to be a great time to relax on the island of Zakynthos, home to the famous Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach. The name comes from the remains of a pirate ship, which is damaged and remains on the beach. We went up the cliffs before noon and there were almost no other tourists, we walked around to get to the place with the best view of Navagio and sat there for a while without being disturbed by anyone.
The beach below can only be reached by water and we did not intend to walk because we chose to visit other beaches by boat. So we did, but by chance we ended up on Navagio the next day due to lack of a group only for the Blue Rocks (another landmark of Zakynthos). I do not regret at all that we saw the beach from below, because it made my experience complete – to contemplate a picture from afar and then get closer to explore it in detail, necessarily in this order, is even more impressive. We caught the boat from Skinari, it left us for 1 hour on Navagio and then we had stops on the Blue Rocks.
Navagio’s pebbles are whitish and round, and the sand is coarse. The water is incredibly colorful, turquoise, clean and while you are inside, you see the bottom perfectly, around you are the majestic sheer cliffs and the exotic is complete! There was a large influx of people, which is quite understandable for such a beautiful tourist place. Zakynthos has many more great beaches with white sand and bright blue water, where you can feel more secluded, so Navagio is more of a landmark for me than a beach where I would spend all day.
Navagio is now only in my memories and gives birth to a sincere happy smile at the thought of him. I wish everyone to see it!

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