With me in Kavala, Greece

We wanted to go somewhere nearby to relax on a beautiful beach, but also to see various interesting things in the area. When we told Panda Travel , they recommended a hotel in Kavala by the sea. I hadn’t been to this town since I was a child, we packed our bags and left. We arrived at Hotel Lucy , on three sides of which is the sea! It was great to just sit in the hotel on the terrace, watching the pier with fishing boats, the people on the beach, the sailing students and the flying glarus. Look at the pictures 🙂

We went for an evening walk along the quay, and then we took a walk in the streets of the center, where it was full of people. We came across a place where 10-15 people danced swing and / or lindy hop, and everyone around applauded and jumped to the beat. It was a lot of fun and the music was fresh, only we lacked swing skills :))

I love cacti, and it’s full of them! Elsewhere there were so many blooming with huge yellow flowers <3 I don’t know if it’s right to mention it in writing, but I came home with a few cacti in Bulgaria. In my defense I will say that they have no roots!

We are fans of archeological excavations, ancient cities, theaters and all kinds of such landmarks, so Panda Travel recommended us to visit the ancient city of Philippi, about 15 km from Kavala.

I have a thousand more photos from this place, but I will not force them on you: D And right between all these columns we were shaken by the earthquake, which had an epicenter not far from Kavala. It was quite a startling noise from the scraping of stones against each other, the shaking of the columns and the rumble that lasted a long time.

This photo is from the park, which has a sea view, there are also many gazebos with barbecue to each, there are several playgrounds and everything is located on different hills, so that each gazebo is slightly hidden from the others.

And this view of the sea is from the fortress in the city center.

There are many more photos, but these are the ones I chose to upload here. Links to two outfit posts from the trip here and here. There were other very nice things that we couldn’t capture. We had a great time, the area is gorgeous, there are many pristine small beaches with giant flat rocks, where people sunbathe in and out of town. There are many clubs in the city with different music and definitely on Fridays and Saturdays are bustling with life. We were in a beach bar outside the city, which we really liked and we would visit again

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