10 romantic destinations in Europe

Beautiful architecture, art, narrow streets, delicious food, a bottle of wine and you both. Sounds romantic, right? Europe offers a huge selection of destinations that evoke thoughts of love. Although it was difficult for us to choose, we gathered 10 of them here.


Budapest romance romantic trip
Budapest offers fabulous views, especially when it gets dark and the city is bathed in lights

We cannot hide that we are very biased towards the Hungarian capital. Beautiful bridges twist over the blue waters of the Danube. The Royal Palace and the Fishermen’s Bastion, on the other hand, are incredibly illuminated in the evening and offer magnificent panoramic views of the city. Of course, we can not miss the proud parliament, which attracts tourists like a magnet.

Whether you watch the lights of the city at night, huddled with your loved one in one of the towers of the Bastion, or walk along the river hand in hand, Budapest will surely charge you with a gentle mood.

And since we mentioned wine in the beginning – Hungarians make great wines. And at very normal prices you can buy a bottle of really good wine. Combine it with typical Hungarian sausages and several types of cheese. Wine, travel and love! What more does a person need? Maybe melt in warm mineral water? That’s right, you probably know that Budapest is famous for its baths. They are a kind of spa with pools of mineral water of different temperatures. There are usually both indoor and outdoor pools.


Dublin romance romantic trip
The greenery and charming streets of Dublin will provide you with the necessary dose of romance

Dublin is sure to appeal to couples who love to share experiences in nature. The city offers tranquility and a variety of walking routes among oases of greenery.
Rich history, delicious food and lots of water in which the sun reflects… Whether you prefer the temperament of the sea or the lyrics of the river – in Dublin there are both.

Well, doesn’t Dublin sound like a great place to take a lot of photos?

In the evening, tired of long walks, you will sit alone in a typical Irish pub, order a glass of amber Irish whiskey, laugh at the fun events of the day and enjoy your love.


Venice romance romantic trip
A huge number of marriage proposals have taken place through the canals of Venice

Coincidentally or not, we continue with another city with plenty of water. Apparently there is some mysterious connection between love and water. You will surely agree that a lot of romance lies in riding a gondola at sunset on one of Venice’s many canals.

Besides, all of Italy is love. Italians love life, they love food, they love wine and strong black coffee. Italians love to love each other and you can’t help but get caught up in all this love.


Ljubljana romantic trip
Ljubljana can also offer you romance in large doses

If you have not been to the Slovenian capital, you may be a little skeptical about our proposal. In fact, the moment you walk around the city with your partner, you will understand that we have the right to put Ljubljana on this list. We will mention only a few key words: castle, river, beautiful bridges and boats… And let’s not forget – poetry! In the central square of the city is immortalized one of the most famous European poets of Romanticism – Franz Prechern. He is known for his sonnets and it is no coincidence that he is compared to Shakespeare.

Ljubljana is also known for its green heart. We are not joking at all. The city was declared the Green European Capital in 2016, due to the sustainable line of development that follows the many green areas.


Santorini Greece romantic trip
Enjoy the sea and the sun in Santorini

More romance and breath of the sea! We can’t miss the sunny Greek island when we talk about love.

The white and blue colors of the buildings typical of the island liberate the mind and immerse it in a sea of ​​love. Unlike the novels, however, the island is not alone. Quite lively even. Therefore, if you are looking for more privacy, visit it outside the tourist season. Most tourists are between June and mid-September, the rest of the time you can enjoy more peace.

On Santorini you will find beautiful beaches, clear water, beautiful streets, terraced houses, rocks, delicious food and last but not least – restaurants with authentic Greek music.


Madeira romantic travel romance
Add the ocean to this charm and you will be convinced that Madeira will win your heart

While we are on the island wave – Madeira is not to be missed! The island offers breathtaking views of the boundless blue of the Atlantic Ocean. It is located near the African continent, but is the territory of Portugal. The beauty of the island is complemented by majestic rocks and lots of greenery.

In this paradise of Portugal, you can relax on the beach or be active and explore the local hiking trails.

The volcanic soil of the island produces juicy and sweet grapes, from which master wine is produced here. You should definitely try it.

“Perched” on the hills of houses give additional charm to the lovely Madeira. If we have inspired you to go – don’t forget to send us a photo!



Barcelona romantic trip romance
Architecture, colors, atmosphere and art will welcome you and your partner in Barcelona

Immerse yourself in sunny Barcelona and treat yourself to a colorful holiday for two. In Barcelona, ​​art, architecture, football and greenery intertwine to bring you joy.

Be sure to visit the exquisite botanical gardens in Montjuic Park, transport yourself to the wonderland with the unusual houses in Park Guell or take a walk around La Rambla. This is one of the most popular streets in the city, filled with cafes, trees and colorful shop windows.

If you and your partner unite around the interest in football, you will certainly be curious to stop at the famous “Camp Nou” stadium.

Art lovers will appreciate the architectural works of Anthony Gaudi and the opportunity to experience the world of Picasso in the museum dedicated to the great artist.


Prague is a favorite destination for couples who want to spend a few romantic days in a beautiful city.

Prague captivates with its charm anyone who chooses to walk through its cobbled streets. The pointed roofs, which are rapidly aimed at the sky, are a typical part of the paintings that the city paints.

Once you visit Prague, you will not be surprised why so many couples have decided to “lock” their love on the posts of the Vltava River.

The Czech capital invites you to shoot it again and again, day and night, summer and winter.

The pre-Christmas atmosphere in the city is magical and almost fabulous. Christmas bazaars attract with the aroma of mulled wine, pastries and Czech sausages. If you travel to Prague in the summer, the heat will be a convenient excuse to taste the different types of beer that the Czechs brew. 


Salzburg romantic trip
Salzburg is becoming a city of fairy tales in winter

In Salzburg you can treat yourself to a classic romance by riding a carriage. A more unusual but equally emotional experience is to get on Austria’s oldest working funicular. Why not “lock” your love with a padlock on the bridge over the Salz River?

Enjoy the charm of the palaces and the coziness of the authentic breweries. The city offers opportunities for hiking and leisurely city walks. 


Paris romance romantic trip
The Eiffel Tower is a well-known symbol of Paris, but the Louvre also looks very beautiful in the evening

No, we have not forgotten the French capital. Paris is synonymous with the city of love. Somehow we naturally think of it when it comes to romantic destinations. Precisely because we know you will not miss it, we were in no hurry to remind you of it.

Anyway…. Paris is really worth it!

The elegance and charm of the French streets, the French language and the music of the country will surely captivate your senses and hearts. In addition, your palate will fall in love with the cuisine of the country! 

The Eiffel Tower is probably one of the landmarks in Europe, which has silently witnessed the most marriage proposals. And this is not without reason. The tower is truly a wonderful place to propose or accept a marriage proposal.

If you and your partner have found another place full of romance, let us know ?

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