5 most popular destinations for a long weekend

With the urban rhythm of life, we can less and less spend a lot of days on trips and excursions. The annual vacation expires quickly with the days off in the summer, while looking for relaxation on the beach or in the mountains. For city break trips, the possibility of staying a week or more in the desired destination is a reality, and more and more often the long weekend is the most preferred duration and form of travel. Combining the two weekends at the end of the week, we are left to be absent from our daily duties for at most one day. And the trip, even for a short time, as we know, is always refreshing!


What are the 5 most popular destinations for a long weekend – both easily accessible for travel from Bulgaria, diverse and inspiring? Here is our choice:

5) London

Well, it would be great to “live” in London for at least two weeks to breathe deeper than its cosmopolitan atmosphere, but it’s not a bad option to spend a series of long weekends spent at different times over the years. We are happy with the time :), we compare with the previous road we have been on and we rush to the new, unknown and unexplored places. In this city, whose cultural poster for the day exceeds the one in one of the big cities in Bulgaria, you will always find the right performance, ballet or concert to spend one of your evenings over the weekend in the most unique way. Galleries and museums are also numerous, and one of the days you can spend in the vicinity of London, bouncing to a castle (Warwick, Windsor, Alanwick and others),

4) Venice

gondolier-venice-italyThanks to more and more low cost airlines entering our market, Venice is now “at your fingertips” and not necessarily a destination by car or bus from Bulgaria. The flight from Sofia lasts less than 2 hours. Treviso Airport offers convenient transport, in accordance with the hours of landing and departure of all low-cost lines, and the price is quite reasonable. Getting from Treviso takes 3 hours – just as much separates you from the views of San Marco and the gondola ride on the Grand Canal. The island of Venice is a great choice for a long weekend – quite enough for sightseeing, sightseeing and the nearby islands of Lido di Venezia, Murano, Burano. If you still have free time, head back to the nearby city of Padua (40 km from Venice), it’s worth it!

3) Berlin

Unlike the island of Venice, Berlin is huge, its sights are not concentrated in one place, but are really scattered throughout the city and one weekend will not be enough if we want to see and visit everything we should. If we leave more time for restaurants and pubs, we will have to travel at least a few weekends to the German capital before we can think that we have met her. Without dooming some landmarks to the lack of attention at the expense of others, however, if we are in Berlin for only 3 days, we must make a list of the most desirable places to visit. During the warmer months, a boat trip on the Spree is a great opportunity to start exploring the city, and nearby are the Berlin Cathedral, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag – all must-see places around Berlin!

2) Rome

rim-offers-weekendThe eternal city is a real eternal destination! Even if you’ve been there many times before, there’s no way you’ve seen absolutely everything worth seeing. The masterpieces of the Renaissance or Ancient Rome, the countless churches, fountains and galleries, remarkable buildings, pleasant restaurants and trattorias are so many that even every year we travel to Rome, there is no way not to miss something. Rome enjoys a wonderful climate and this is another advantage when we decide that we need a “getaway” for the weekend at the last minute – we do not comply with the season and we have all the prerequisites to have a great time at any time of year.

1) Barcelona

Barcelona is our undisputed favorite in this ranking, thanks to the hundreds of opportunities for entertainment, relaxation, cultural tours, museums, cinemas, theaters, concerts, shopping, gourmet experiences, beach during the warmer months and much more. The city can not be boring for romantic couples, or for youth groups, or for solo travelers, much less for families with children. It is difficult, of course, for such a colorful city to be “explored” and toured for a weekend, but a weekend trip  is an option before we never have the time and opportunity to visit Barcelona. If you want to tour the city you can book a Greyhound bus and make your journey easy and if you have been to the Catalan capital before, on the next trip there you will find that Gaudi is truly ingenious, but the city has countless architectural values, and the Rambla is just one of the streets :), and many other urban ” secrets”.

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