8 of the safest destinations for solo travelers

It is always a challenge to travel alone, but especially if you are a woman, you should choose your destination even more carefully. It is still not recommended to travel alone in many parts of the world, and in others you have to follow the local culture, especially in dress, such as in the conservative societies of many countries in the Middle East and Africa. In many South American countries, crime rates are a major brake on solo travelers, and travel becomes even more risky if taken by women. But on the other pole, fortunately, there are many other destinations that are a real paradise for free travelers and offer a completely safe and comfortable environment for touring and exploring the local natural, cultural and all sorts of other attractions. And so,

1. New Zealand 

They recommend New Zealand even as the most suitable for a first experience in solo travel. Safe and calm, it is an excellent choice for all lovers of natural attractions. With its amazing landscapes, volcanoes, beaches, small villages and many opportunities for various activities, it is one of the countries – a model for eco-tourism.

tongariro-583179_6402. Denmark

Denmark is one of the friendliest and most free destinations where solo travelers from all over the world can feel completely comfortable and safe. Denmark tops the Annual Happiness Index, and Copenhagen is one of the cleanest capitals in Europe and the world. Travelers around the country have a wide choice between cultural, historical and natural attractions, varied cuisine and exciting places for shopping and modern entertainment.

3. Iceland

With one of the lowest crime rates and a well-organized tourism infrastructure, Iceland is one of the most easily accessible solo travel destinations in the world. Women travelers often choose it to start their hobby and because of the friendly local people, for whom it would be absurd to cheat you in the taxi bill or in a bar. “Land of Fire and Ice”, as Iceland is called, has contrasting natural landmarks – active volcanoes and some of the largest glaciers in Europe, which can be explored through exciting and varied tours of several hours, departing from the capital Reykjavik.

4. The island of Bali in Indonesia

Unlike other places in Indonesia, the island of Bali is a safe and preferred place for women travelers for vacations and excursions. With its unique Buddhist temples, stunning beaches and well-meaning locals, Bali is rightly called the “Land of the Gods”.

5. Australia

Full of hostels, cafes and restaurants for free travelers, Australia is a truly settled, yet extremely curious and diverse destination. It is world famous for surfers, wine lovers, lovers of wild and unique Australian flora and fauna, campers and dozens of other diverse interests, but in this case it is in the top 8 of the most recommended and safest places. for wandering by women.

6. Switzerland

Needless to say, Switzerland has developed and settled, and it is certainly one of the most preferred and safe places for women traveling alone. The variety offered by this destination varies widely between practicing winter sports or summer hiking in the Swiss Alps and visiting museums and galleries in the cities, necessarily combined with time for the cozy cafes and shopping centers of Geneva, Zurich, Basel…

7. Dubai (UAE)

Although it is a representative of another culture and religion, characterized by conservative notions of the place of women, the emirate is an extremely safe tourist destination for traveling women. Dubai’s high level of security is due to draconian measures by local police and laws, where crime is generally kept to a minimum. Solo travelers can rest assured of their safety, and it’s a matter of personal choice to what extent they will follow local dress codes in public places.

8. Canada

Canada is recommended as one of the calmest and most solo-friendly countries in the world. Those looking for cultural attractions and events will find them in diversity in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and wildlife lovers will feel perfect among a huge number of national parks, providing inexhaustible opportunities for hiking, rafting, skiing, whale watching, polar bears and other outdoor activities. The developed tourist infrastructure and the level of security make Canada one of the favorite destinations of women travelers from all over the world.

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