Hong Kong

One of the most confusing airports I’ve been to is Hong Kong International Airport. If you are traveling by transfer, this is generally the same story. You can go through different checkpoints, move from floor to floor, take a bus from terminal to terminal, and so on. But don’t be alarmed, the navigation here makes such movements very clear. The airport, by the way, was built on the island of Cheklapkok (which gives the second name of the airport). It is considered one of the busiest in terms of transportation of international passengers and cargo. 

I love traveling to Asia in late autumn and winter. You take off in a down jacket and land in shorts. It always enhances the impressions and memories of the country. The first thing you see when you leave the airport are Hong Kong’s famous double-decker buses. They bring and take away passengers.

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If we take a closer look at Hong Kong, then the city consists of the peninsular part of Kowloon (1) – this is a residential part in which oriental flavor prevails and the island part of Central (2) – the mecca of financial corporations, banks, expensive boutiques and luxury housing. Most often, European expats live and spend time here.
From the airport you can go by bus, taxi or train. The last option seemed to me the most convenient and fastest. The train runs along a branch line through Kowloon to Central, so you can get off in any part of Hong Kong. In total it takes 40-55 minutes. Don’t be fooled by the advice that while you’re on the bus from the airport, there’s a chance you’ll see something interesting. He is not. Most of the time you will be driving through the countryside, the boring part. 

I spent the first part of the trip in Kowloon. We can say that this is the oldest part of Hong Kong. Buildings here are not yet so dense, the buildings are not so new, and life is more measured. In terms of food, there are more authentic cuisine, small cafes, street eateries and restaurants. Chinese cuisine, Malay variations and other “oriental” prevail in Kowloon.

The nightlife here is literally in full swing. Especially on weekends. Some streets that looked quite boring during the day are transformed at night. Bars, cafes and restaurants set up tables, turn on bright lights and trendy music. The city is turning into a solid nightclub in the open air. Choose places where there are a lot of local youth. As a rule, the price tag is slightly lower here, and the cocktails are less banal. And in general, it is rare when locals go to unsuccessful establishments.

The already weak traffic, by the evening it completely subsides. Sports cars are always parked next to prestigious clubs (Porsche on the left) – the easiest way to appreciate the institution without going inside.

Travel to Hong Kong, what to see in Hong Kong, attractions, cafes and restaurants in Hong Kong, Hong Kong travelling 

Be sure to walk along the promenade at night. Here they show a laser show, which is listed in the Guinness book as the largest. But even if you don’t catch him, you can look at the night silhouette of the city, illuminated advertisements on high-rise buildings, the view is amazing, especially if you find yourself during the holidays. A little filled up the horizon, apparently worried.

Travel to Hong Kong, what to see in Hong Kong, attractions, cafes and restaurants in Hong Kong, Hong Kong travelling 

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