Natural shower gels from Lavera

For some time I have wanted to use natural cosmetics at least for what I use the largest amount of product on myself, namely for the skin of the body – the detergent in the bathroom and body lotion . So far, my lotion is not in this category, but last month my shower gels in the bathroom are 100% natural. I took three fragrances from the Lavera shower gels from Notino:
  • Active Touch with organic ginger and match extract
  • Soft Purity with organic seaweed and mint
  • High vitality – organic orange and organic mint
I read more about the Lavera brand and products online. They are natural and vegan, most with ingredients from their own organic production .

For my choice of fragrances I was guided by the fact that I want to feel the most natural and favorite scents from nature – shower gel with ginger I really like and recommend it to anyone who loves it, orange is great and also a favorite of men me, and I chose the seaweed shower gel mostly because of the mint in it. In general, ginger, orange and mint – all very refreshing and pleasant to me aromas .
In my opinion, the shower gels foam well with water, with a sponge even better, and my skin is not dry.
It is definitely a nice feeling to know that you are using a natural product on such a large area of ​​your body. That, as I said, was what was leading me. I will be happy to find a good body lotion with natural ingredients, because again a large amount of product is used on a large area of ​​the body and it is good that the composition is as clean as possible.

I hope the article was useful to you. Do you have your favorite natural shower gels from Lavera or another brand? Recommend me! You can also take advantage of Notino’s summer black Friday promotion throughout the coming week and discover many more brands with natural skin care.

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